If you are looking for information about investing this article is not for you; I have no points or advise for you. Besides, investing normally is accompanied by high risk and even though you can get good returns you can also lose your principal. I won’t feel good if you lose your principal or some of it.

If you know how to invest and can make good returns with very little possibility to lose your money then you can continue reading, you might want to know about this process that can get you better results when you combine it with your investing.

I am really looking for responsible people and families interested in growing some savings, building some capital.

Why? According to Austrian economists, savings is the base of progress; capital allows investing on infra-structure or machinery and ventures to develop growth and progress.

When you are thinking on developing some savings what comes to your mind?

The most popular thought is a bank; the banking industry offers some products to promote savings like a savings account, certificate of deposit and money market accounts.

But what happens at the bank? The interest or growth you are offered is minuscule now days; less than 1% in savings, up to a 4% if you tie your money for 7 years on a CD and something in between for a money market account.

What else happens at the bank? The interest or growth you are paid is taxable, when you withdraw your money you stop accruing interest, and in the CD where you earn more you get penalized if you withdraw money before it matures. So when you add all these points you really get discouraged to save.

There is more: Inflation is way higher than what you can earn in the bank so actually you end up losing money; not a good picture for people wanting to be careful with their money.

Did I tell you that if the bank goes into trouble, they can use your money to bail themselves in? Remember what happened in Cyprus?

The banking system is working that way, and that is not new. Since a high court decision Foley vs. Hill in 1848 in England, that is how the banking systems in the world work.

So, do you still want to save? You should; the thing is you have to look for the proper vehicle to get the best outcome possible.

That is what Privatized Banking, also known as Infinite Baking Concept is all about. It is by far the best process to grow some capital.

It uses a specially designed whole life insurance contract optimized for the growth of the money, not on the death benefit, and still with time and good management; the death benefit can grow bigger than the actuaries would have given you at the beginning. This is the best platform you can use to practice Privatized Banking.

It has so many advantages:

  • You are in control
  • It receives guaranteed interest
  • It gets paid dividends
  • It grows tax deferred
  • You have immediate access to company money using your cash value as collateral
  • You can use the money for whatever you want and the company does not care
  • It has legal protection
  • It is invisible to some financial help assessments.

So imagine all the possibilities you have when you get your banking system setup and you have accumulated enough capital: Finance your cars, your vacations, help pay for college, sort emergencies and take advantage of opportunities. You will be in control and propelled by a solid financial base that will help you get better results.

All these benefits named above and at the same time your loved ones will be protected should you die without being able of finishing all your plans.

There is an added benefit that can have a lot of value for you if you care about the future of this country and future generations. By practicing Privatized Banking you will be a part of the solution and not the problem.

When you go to a bank to deposit money or to ask for a loan, banks can create money out of thin air because of those actions. They can do that because they are legally able to practice Fractional Reserve Banking, and this is actually the process that inflates our money more.

This disclosed fact in the earlier paragraph is why Austrian economists and people like me, that follow the teachings of Nelson Nash and the Infinite Banking Concept are looking to grow 10% of the people practicing Privatized Banking.

Once enough people engage in Privatized Banking, we will be able to put a check on inflation in our money supply and demand a change.