One of the biggest benefits of affiliate marketing is that you don't have to create your own product. There's no need to do the research, develop the product, write the sales letter, set up the sales funnel for customers to purchase the item, and so forth. It's all been done for you.

You can join an affiliate marketplace, and you can have hundreds of products to sell on your website in a matter of minutes.

Content Is King

Content is king on the internet, so you need to produce high-quality content that will attract search engines and people alike. Writing articles and reviews, and producing review and demonstration videos all make great content for your website. Product comparison charts, cheat sheets and quick-start guides will also work well.

This content will help your target audience achieve their goals, but above all, they provide a logical context for your affiliate links. You're not just posting links for no reason, which would be like spam. You are providing genuinely useful information for those interested in your niche.

Ad Blocks

In addition to contextual links, you could also create what looks like ads in relation to the affiliate products you are trying to sell. Smart vendors support their affiliates well with marketing material such as banners, box ads, free articles, and more. Make the most of these if the product is a good one you really believe is worth giving prime real estate to, such as a banner at the top of your page.

If you use WordPress, you can add widgets to your sidebar and have the box ads appear there. You can even use one of the many WordPress plugins that pull affiliate data from various vendors into your blog. A top five bestseller's list of the best affiliate products related to your topic is a handy time saver.

Rotate Your Products

The most important thing to remember in relation to the links you post on your website is that they need to earn you commission. Each time you create content, track and test it to see if it is driving sales of the affiliate product.

Don't forget to drive traffic to the new content via your social media pages and email marketing to your database. If you don't see sales after a time, and it is a general article rather than a review, consider swapping links and promoting a different product instead.

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